Terms and conditions

PHP Competency is the name of the website and the business associated with it operating under the domain phpcompetency.com. The terms "WE US" is referring to this website and the administrators working on its behalf. The term "YOU" is referring to you the customer and or you the user of this website. The following is the terms and conditions that acts as the legal contract of using this website.

  1. Do not use this website to send tests to users without their knowledge and prior consent, otherwise this conduct is known as spam! this conduct won't be tolerated. Any reported activity of such nature will be immediately investigated and judgement will be passed without delay. You must Always keep records for at least 12 months’ period in the event it is needed in an investigation internally or externally, internally by us or externally by law enforcement agencies.
  2. Do not try to hack or alter the way the system works and this also includes trying to hack our servers or website. This includes but not limited to accessing unauthorised areas of the system either front or back end. Such activities will be immediately reported to the relevant law enforcement agencies.
  3. This website and the location of its servers is in the UK therefore the Egnlish law applies in the event of any legal disputes. You must adhere to the English law and your local law when applicable. However, we as an organisation or as individual working on behalf of the organisation operating in the UK do not have to adhere to any law other than the English law.
  4. We will not be held accountable for any damages either physically or emotionally because of using this website. Example losing employment because of a test on this website. You must understand that this website offers a service to help employers pick the most suitable candidate but we do not influence the shortlisting and selection process. In fact, we do not have any kind of influence of the employment or the result of the test.
  5. Further to the above, no warranty is given to you or implied by us in the event of damages because of using this website.
  6. We don't handle payment details and the link between this website and processing your credit card is the STRIPE checkout service. Any transactions issues or problems related to financial transactions must be addressed with Stripe payment processor or your bank.
  7. A refund will be given only in the event of a proven fraud activities. This will only be authorised after receiving a message from Stripe confirming such activity has taken place.
  8. No automatic renewal of subscrition is given on this website, all subscriptions must be bought by you in full manually when expires. This to ensure that you don't get unexpected bill and to avoid storing your data on our servers for security reasons
  9. You are authorised to exchange contact details with your clients, employers or employees on this website, as mentioned previously we are not to be held responsible for your choice and judgement.
  10. Any complains must be sent to us via the contact form provided on this website. Please allow reasonable time for the response. We promise to address promptly all your concerns that you have raised.
  11. We are open to all regardless of race, colour, gender, religion, geography, ethnicity and language.